BEST OF - Another Migrant Murder Case, Presidential Race Polling Update, Trump vs. Biden Debate Developments & More

GUEST - NewsNation's Laura Ingle on NYC Migrant Shelters

NewsNation Senior Correspondent Laura Ingle tells us about the backlash in NYC over crime tied to migrant shelters.

TOP STORIES - Local Mayor Resigns, Car Hits Tampa McDonald's, Donald Southerland Dead at 88

Today's top stories include the Madeira Beach Mayor resigning, a car driving into a Tampa McDonald's', the death of actor Donald Sutherland, Hillsborough County considering moving the sheriff's' office out of Ybor City, a Tampa dentist arrested over online threats, and a distracted driver incident in Polk County.

GUEST - Weekend Events Preview With Tampa Bay Times Reporter Sharon Wynne

Tampa Bay Times Entertainment & Events Reporter Sharon Wynne breaks down events happening around the Tampa Bay area this weekend, including the St. Pete Pride festival, and a few concerts coming to town.

TRENDING REPORT - American Airlines Responds to Racist Incident, McDonald's Offers New Deal, Madonna Lawsuit Dismissed

Dana's trending stories include American Airlines recognizing a major mistake involving an incident with Black passengers, McDonald's announcing a new value meal deal, the dismissal of a lawsuit against Madonna, a Florida woman story, and a climate activist FAIL.

BEST OF - Citizens Insurance Backs New Rate Hike, Police Chief Urges Vigilance At Pride Parade, Stonehenge Monument Vandalized, and More

BEST OF - Citizens Insurance backs proposed 14% rate hike for 2025, St. Pete police chief urges vigilance at Pride parade, climate change protesters vandalized Stonehenge. Louisiana passes law that will require schools to post the Ten Commandments in all public classrooms. Top Democrats believe Biden has a losing strategy. Anthony Fauci now admits shutting down schools for over a year was 'a mistake.' NewsRadio WFLA National Correspondent Rory O’Neill - How much of a rainy day fund do average Americans have on hand, and why some Americans feel much older than they are.

GUEST - How Dangerous Migrants Continue To Be Released Into The U.S.

NY Post Border & Immigration Reporter Jennie Taer - How dangerous migrants are continuing to be released into the U.S.

TOP STORIES - Florida Medical Marijuana Patients Annoyed By Email Praising DeSantis, Alleged DUI Bus Crash Driver Pleads Not Guilty, Outback Files Cease & Desist Against Vegan Restaurant, and More

NewsRadio WFLA Anchor Chris Trenkmann joins Ryan Gorman and Dana McKay with some of Today's Top Stories - Florida medical marijuana patients were annoyed by an unexpected email praising DeSantis, the alleged driver of a DUI bus crash that killed 8 pleads not guilty, Outback issues a cease and desist to a vegan restaurant in St. Pete, witnesses testify at sentencing hearing for Sebring bank killer, Pinellas County homeowners shocked by HOA assessment letter, Ruskin man tells police he'd rather go to jail than hand over stolen beer.

GUEST - Analysis of Recent SCOTUS Decisions and Will Biden's Executive Order On Immigration Hold Up In Court?

ABC News Contributor Sarah Isgur - Analysis of recent SCOTUS decisions and will Biden's executive order on immigration hold up in court?

TRENDING - Vermont Lawmaker Caught Dumping Water Into Colleague's Bag, Shirtless Bill Belichick On Video Leaving Girlfriend's House, George Santos Now On OnlyFans, and More

DANA'S TRENDING REPORT - A Vermont lawmaker apologizes after she was caught pouring water into a colleague's tote bag, a shirtless Bill Belichick was caught on Ring video leaving his girlfriend's house, George Santos launches OnlyFans account, Trump's obsession with Debra Messing documented in new book, Jasmine Crockett says a fight almost broke out during tense hearing with Marjorie Taylor Greene, and new evidence shows Alec Baldwin was 'reckless' with regard to safety on the set of Rust.