Doctors Warn Gaza's Biggest Hospital Is 'Out Of Service' Amid Fighting


Photo: - / AFP / Getty Images

The Palestinian Health Ministry has warned that the Al-Shifa hospital, which is the largest hospital in Gaza City, has been "out of service" since Saturday amid intense fighting between Hamas and the Israel Defense Force.

Hospital director Mohammad Abu Salmiya told CNN the situation is "catastrophic" as 7,000 people are seeking shelter in the hospital in addition to the 1,500 patients and medical staff.

"There is no more water, food, milk for children and babies," Abu Salmiya said. "The situation in the hospital is catastrophic."

He said the hospital requested 600 liters of fuel per hour from Israel to keep the generators running. While the IDF dropped off 300 liters of fuel outside the hospital, Abu Salmiya said that the staff was too scared to go outside to retrieve it. He also noted that amount was enough fuel to run the hospital for about 30 minutes.

While Israel has promised it would open humanitarian corridors for people and ambulances to evacuate, Dr. Ahmed El Mokhallalati told NBC News nobody has been able to leave the hospital.

Khader al Zaanoun, a reporter for the Al Arabiya network, is inside the hospital and described the dire conditions that everybody is facing.

"[People] are starving, there is no food or drinkable water, we barely get tap water for one hour a day," he said.

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