Tampa Woman Asked to 'Cover Up' Her Breasts to Enter Universal Studios

Tampa Bay area Instagram model Whitney Paige Venable claims she was denied entry into Universal Studios Orlando back in 2021 because of her revealing outfit. She believes she was "discriminated against" because of her large breasts.

“I felt humiliated and embarrassed [when] I was told I had to change my top to be able to enter and people started staring,” she said. “I think it’s because I have naturally big breasts and it makes people uncomfortable — but at far as I know my clothing wasn’t against the rules,” she told Jam Press.

She was wearing a white sports bra and green bike shorts when she says she was told by Universal staff that she needed to put on a shirt and "cover up" in order to enter the park.

She ended up borrowing a t-shirt from a friend and was able to enter the park, but she said she took the shirt off later because it was "hot and ugly."

She also said that other people in the park were wearing sports bra like tops and she believes she was treated differently than smaller-chested women who were not singled out and asked to cover up.

Source: Daily Mail

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