Florida Deputy Caught Shoplifting, Gets One-Week Suspension, Keeps Job

Home depot store facade in San Jose California

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This is a story about a deputy who did a Florida Man thing... and still kept his job with the police department.

According to CBS-12, a deputy with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Department was caught shoplifting at Home Depot and received a one-week suspension from his job with the department.

An internal investigation found that Deputy Daniel Golubovic was arrested for stealing $46.56 worth of items from a Home Depot on Jog Road in Lake Worth on April 14, 2022.

A Loss Prevention Officer called 911 that night to report a theft in progress, stating that he witnessed a man taking items off the shelves and hiding them in the pockets of his cargo pants. As the man tried to walk out of the store, the LPO detained him and waited for police to arrive.

After initially denying he had stolen anything, the man admitted he had taken the merchandise.

As a deputy started reading his Miranda rights, the suspect apparently thought he shouldn't be arrested for the theft.

"Going this far just for a 65?" he asked. 65 is code for shoplifting.

"I did a stupid thing, I took a couple of items from here and didn't pay. I did it, it was stupid, I did it. I'm sorry I did it," he went on to say. He also said he "should've known better."

His court date was set and he was put on leave, with pay, by the sheriff's department.

The charges were dropped after he completed a 4-hour anti-theft class and paid a $100 fine.

The sheriff's department suspended him for 40 hours (one week) and he kept his job.

Source: CBS-12

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