Photo of Disgraced New York Congressman George Santos in Drag Surfaces

We're learning even more about "Catfish Congressman" George Santos and his past.

On Wednesday, a photo of him dressed as a woman went viral as it was revealed he participated in drag shows in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2008.

Santos took to Twitter to deny the reports and says he's never dressed in drag, but a video from 2005 appears to show him bragging about all of the drag show's he's been a part of.

Santos has been caught fabricating a number of stories about his past, including a story about his mother passing away as a result of 9/11, lying about where he went to school, being a star volleyball player, and a member of his staff is also accused of impersonating Kevin McCarthy's chief of staff in an attempt to solicit campaign donations.

A veteran has also accused Santos of raising over $3,000 for his dog's surgery and never giving him the money.

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