Parents In Court to Protest Hillsborough Schools Sex Ed Curriculum

Hillsborough County parents who object to the sexual education curriculum approved by the school board in September went before a judge on Thursday to express their concerns.

The Amaze curriculum includes lessons on gender identity and sexual orientation, masturbation, and other subjects parents have deemed inappropriate for 7th graders. Many also believe more focus should be placed on abstinence.

Here's a list of topics covered by the Amaze curriculum.

Note that not all of these will be used in Hillsborough County, and that the videos, which some parents believe are too graphic, will not be used.

  • Sex Assigned at Birth and Gender Identity: What Is The Difference?
  • Anatomy: Assigned at Birth (Female)
  • Anatomy: Assigned at Birth (Male)
  • What Are Pronouns?
  • Being Female, Male, Transgender or Fluid
  • Puberty and Transgender Youth
  • Sexual Orientation: A Spectrum of Attraction
  • How Do LGBTQ+ Couples Become Parents?
  • What is Asexuality?
  • Abortion by Pill: What Is It?
  • Does Breast Size Really Matter?
  • Does Penis Size Really Matter?
  • Female Masturbation

Parents do have the ability to opt their children out of the curriculum if they don't agree with it.

A decision has not been made, but the judge is writing a recommendation for the school board.

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