AOC Blasts Ticketmaster Over Taylor Swift Ticket Pre-Sale Debacle

Taylor Swift fans experienced major frustration on Tuesday as they attempted to purchase tickets to her upcoming Eras tour. Some sat online in a queue for hours only to end up watching tickets disappear the moment they went to purchase them. Others never even had a chance.

Ticketmaster says they prepared for an influx of traffic, but the demand far exceeded their expectations.

This latest debacle has put the spotlight back on Ticketmaster and Live Nation as their merger back in 2012 has left them in control of nearly three-quarters of the live event venues in the country.

Alexandria Ocacio-Cortez took to Twitter Tuesday afternoon to say that the merger never should have been approved.

She's not the only politician taking action.

Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti said in a press conference that Ticketmaster may be in violation of antitrust laws. He is launching an investigation and added that without "enough competition in the market, Ticketmaster may have thought they didn't need to worry about the volume of interest in Taylor Swift tickets."

Source: Bloomberg

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