This UK Model's Prosthetic Leg Was Edited Out Of 'Beach Bodies' Ad

One British model has been left seriously angry after a summer campaign in Spain that encouraged people of all shapes and sizes to hit the beach and used her photo without her permission. Not only that, but the editing they did to her image made the model highly shaken.

Sian-Green Lord is now the second model to state that her photo was used without her permission during this "Summer is ours too" body-positivity promotion.

The promotion used an image Lord had posted to her Instagram account, except there was one minor problem, aside from the fact that they used the photo without asking her. The image shows the model, who lost her leg in 2013, without her prosthetic leg. In the original image of her, which they are using in this campaign, she does, in fact, have her prosthetic leg on. Lord is seen on the left of the photo below, lying on a towel in a white floral swimsuit.

“It’s one thing using my image without my permission, but it’s another thing editing my body, my body with my prosthetic leg … I don’t even know what to say but it’s beyond wrong.” Lord said, according to The Guardian.

Below is the original image of her that was used.

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