New Popular TikTok Trend Creating a Huge Problem on Florida Beaches

There is a new popular TikTok trend that is taking off online, and it is causing massive problems on beaches all across the state of Florida. The trend has some beachgoers creating large holes in the sand, some as deep as five feet and as wide as four feet across, and unfortunately, not filling the holes in before they leave the beach.

This is a huge problem for wildlife and people on the beach, as they could get trapped or hurt. This is especially a problem for sea turtle hatchlings working to make their way to the ocean. This gives them an unnecessary and challenging obstacle.

Marco Island Police Department took to Twitter, sharing one of the holes left unfilled.

Some TikTok users dig the holes and fill them in with water to create a 'pool at the beach' while others dig the holes and turn them into hangout spots.

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