Zephyrhills Woman Goes Viral On TikTok Racking Up Over 100 Million Views

Nikki Renee of Zephyrhills has gone so viral from her TikTok video that she is now on a Billboard Song Breaker chart for helping break a song through. She is a mother of two and has really enjoyed making videos for her over 2.8 Million TikTok followers to enjoy.

Katie went to school with Nikki and has known her since they were children. The two graduated Zephyrhills High School together in 2012.

This is the viral video, with her dancing daughter Lanie that went viral back in September and continues to rack up millions of views. It now has over 57M views.

Celebrities from all over the place have joined in on the shoulder shimmies and recreated Nikki's video.

Nikki's daughter Lanie has proved to be quite the tiny dancer, and the internet LOVES IT.

In the podcast below, check out Ryan and Katie's chat with Nikki Renee about what it's like to go viral, including how life changes for better and for worse.

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