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Herschel Tells Us How He’ll Win the Georgia Runoff

BUCK: We’re coming up on decision day in Georgia, just a matter of days away, and we have Herschel Walker with us right now. He is running for Senate against Raphael Warnock in this massively important runoff. Herschel, good to have you back on the program.

WALKER: Hello there. How are you guys doing?

BUCK: We’re good, Herschel. We’re good. We want to mobilize people as much as possible in the state of Georgia to get out there and vote. In a lot of cases, it’s going to be people voting obviously a second time. But tell us before we get into… I mean, we already had you talk a bit about what you stand for, what Raphael Warnock stands for. What are you doing on the ground in Georgia and what kind of help are you getting from, say, Governor Kemp or Trump or anyone else to make sure that you win this one?

WALKER: Well, you know, we got a lot of people coming to action with Governor Kemp and President Trump is trying to get the people to get out and vote and know how important this election is and don’t think that it’s just a 49-50. It’s going to be a 50-50, which is important because now these committees are going to be even. So we can now put a stop to some of the things that Joe Biden is going to do, and so I want everyone to know that they got to get out and vote. And that’s what our Governor Kemp… You know, he’s lent me his ground game and his ground game have proven to be absolutely incredible.

They used to talk about Stacey Abrams’ ground game, but Governor Kemp has shown that his ground game is much better. So he’s been getting out. Help me out. And we did a fundraiser also about two nights ago. So Governor Kemp is really, really helping out a great deal, and I’ve had a lot of elected officials around the state of Georgia helping me out because they know how important this election is and I think the turnout people are seeing, we’re seeing, are record numbers and that’s what we want to see. We want to see people that get involved and know that they got to have their voices heard and their vote counted.

CLAY: Herschel, 2% of the vote went to the Libertarian candidate. He’s out of the race now. I’m going to be down and speak with you at your closing rally in Cobb County. We saw Governor Kemp win by around eight points. You came within 50 or 60,000 votes of winning this thing outright. What do you need to see from people out there who maybe were a little bit uncertain about you beforehand, maybe they voted Libertarian, maybe they didn’t show up? Where do you need to see people really kind of roll into the polls the most? I know it’s the whole statewide, but is it that Cobb County area, Atlanta suburbs? Where is this race going to be won?

WALKER: Well, I think this race is going to be won in all of those areas. I think everyone… You know, that Libertarian vote meant a great deal. But I got to get out and let the people know just what I stand for. You know, everyone talks about my athletic career, but they don’t talk about my business career. But I’ve been very, very successful in the business world. I sit on a public trade board. I built a business. So I know about signing the front of a paycheck. I know how to budget. I know about those things, the time I spent trying to remove stigma from mental health from our military, over 15 years doing that. So I know about a lot of the things that are way for an athletic career that I can bring to Washington.

And most of all, I know how to vote. Right now, my opponent has not voted correctly. That’s the reason we’re in the mess we’re in right now. So, we need a change up — and I also know how to row the boat with the governor. What I mean by that is having somebody in Washington on the federal level rowing the boat in the same direction as the one on the state level, that’s how you go places. Right now, Senator Warnock seems to be rowing the boat against Governor Kemp and that makes things harder for Governor Kemp.

CLAY: Herschel right now, Joe Biden has around a 40% approval rate in the state of Georgia. People are not happy with Joe Biden. Reverend Raphael Warnock is going to be a rubberstamp for Joe Biden; 60% of Georgians don’t like Joe Biden. That seems like the easy choice to make right there in and of itself is: If you vote for Warnock, you’re basically voting for Joe Biden.

WALKER: Well, that’s one thing. The people got to get out and they got to know that. You know, right now, one of the things that Senator Warner and left try to do is they tried to buy this seat. You know, they’re put in all types of ads out there that are not true. They’re putting ads out because they can’t talk about their record. And Senator Warnock doesn’t want to talk about how he is a rubberstamp for Joe Biden. He’s voted with him 96% of the time, really 100% of the time he’s voted for Joe Biden. So what he does, he doesn’t talk about his record.

He doesn’t talk about what he’s going to do because he knows we know what he’s going to do. He’s going to give us the same thing he’s been giving us. Joe Biden said he wasn’t going to change, Senator Warnock is not going to change. This is what you see right now is what you’re going to get. You’re going to get a lot worse because this is less than two short years now. Now, think about if we give him six years. That’s the reason I decided to run. We cannot put up with this with six more years.

BUCK: Speaking to Herschel Walker. He’s in this pivotal runoff for a Senate seat in Georgia. Herschel, your opponent, where is he being dishonest? Where is Raphael Warnock, in your estimation, being particularly misleading when he is talking to the voters of Georgia?

WALKER: Well, you know, he’s been misleading in a lot of the things that he’s said. He said that Americans need to apologize for their whiteness. And, you know, America don’t need to apologize for their whiteness, ‘cause there’s redemption. We’re people. We’re Americans. And in the Bible that I read — because he’s a man on a pulpit. The Bible I read, God doesn’t know about the color of your skin. He knows about your heart. He’s in a church of a man who talked about the content of your character, not the color of your skin. And then he’s not telling people the truth about what’s happening at Columbia Tower down there of an apartment unit that he sort of runs. The church owned 99% of this apartment unit.

We come to find out during this debate that they owned this apartment unit, that they’ve been misleading people that they were taking care of underprivileged people down there, but yet they’ve been evicting people for less than $28 when yet, he’s making $7,400 a month. So he’s been dishonest about that. And he stands on the pulpit and he told people the other day, because I was talking about him, I’m talking about Jesus, and I’m also offending Dr. King. But I need to let him know that, you know, in the Bible, he’s 100% correct. If you are Jesus and doing the teaching of Jesus and someone talks about you, they’re talking about Jesus.

But that’s not what he talks about. He talks about separation. God talks about bringing people together because he says, “A house divided cannot stand,” and Dr. King would not stand for what he’s doing to the people down there at Columbia Tower. So he’s not Dr. King is; he’s not Jesus. Right now, he’s done the wrong thing for the people of Georgia. He went to Washington, and he told people he was going to represent them. But he went to Washington, and he voted against religious liberty. He voted against the Keystone pipeline. That’s the reason that border’s wide open. Right now, he voted to also to defund the police and for these liberal judges that (audio drop) as he got into office.

CLAY: Herschel, last question for you. We appreciate the time. I will see you on Monday at that final rally that we’re going to be doing together in Cobb County. I can’t wait for that. What’s going to happen with the Georgia Bulldogs against LSU this weekend in Atlanta, SEC Championship Game?

WALKER: Well, right now I think they got the point spread at 17. But I want to tell everyone: Don’t count ill as you are. They got a very, very good team. But I have no doubt the Dawgs is going to win this game. I think Coach Smart has got them playing at the top of their game right now and they’re going to go in and win this game and it’s going to be a good game, though. LSU is gonna come to play. So I think we’re going to see a very, very good game. Georgia going to be number one and we’re going to see what’s going to happen from there.

CLAY: Good stuff.

BUCK: Big day next week, everybody, Herschel’s runoff. Get out there. Vote for Herschel Walker. And yes, Clay, I cosign his football analysis.

CLAY: (laughing)

BUCK: I’m just going to attach my name to that as well. I think Herschel put it put it perfectly.

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