Kate Hudson Does Yoga In Her Underwear With Baby Daughter Rani

Kate Hudson has a new workout partner—her one-year-old daughter Rani.

On Sunday (August 2), the Fabletics founder shared a video of her at-home yoga routine. As she goes into the downward facing dog pose, Rani grabbed hold of her mom's leg to give her a helping hand. “Morning yoga with my little monkey,” Hudson captioned the cute video of her mommy-daughter yoga session.

In one sweet moment, Hudson comes back down to the ground and looks back towards baby Rani. As they both laugh, Hudson asks “do you want to help mommy do the next pose?” Rani, adorably, tells her mom "yeah!” while burying her face into her legs. The video also shows Rani climbing up onto Hudson's back. “Okay, can you stand up?” Hudson asks her daughter. Hudson then reaches back to grab Rani's feet, but the one-year-old slides off first.

Hudson often shares heartwarming posts about her three children on social media. Just last month, she shared a photo with Rani during a bath. "I hold my babies as I want to be held and ask for no returns. I love my babies with the freedom of knowing they are different than me and supporting their human right to individuality," she wrote of her children.. "I love them all endlessly."

Photo: Getty

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