Riding With Dogs

Tampa, Fla.-(4/2/2017)-My dog doesn't ride very often.  She knows about the only time I put her into the car is for a trip to the vet. She tries everything possible not to get into the car.

Her favorite seat used to be my lap. That's not a good thing now that she weighs over 60 pounds.  She likes to ride the center compartment so she can see everything. It may not be the safest thing to do, but where else do you put a good-sized mutt?

My mom used to have a little set-up in her car when she had a chihuahua. She could fasten the dog in and be on her way. Hound dogs don't hold still for very long.

The point of all this is that some states are starting to enact laws that require some kind of dog seat belt or restraint.  Florida does not yet have such a law. You can bet that somebody will propose and pass such a law. What will we do then?

Somebody is going to get rich by making dog seat belts and even puppy dog baby seats. It may be something I should jump on.  Anybody got a factory you're not using?

I guess I'm going to keep transporting my hound the old fashioned way until the government tells me I can't. Libby doesn't like going to the dog doctor anyway and it costs me a fortune every time I set foot in the place. 

We could eliminate the need for the dog restraints by finding a vet who makes house calls. Problem Solved!

Steve Hall

Steve Hall

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