Florida Official Suggests Hair Dryers Will Cure Coronavirus

An Okeechobee County commissioner said he knew of an unconventional way to kill off the coronavirus: Blow hot air from a hairdryer up your nose.

Bryant Culpepper explained the method to the room at a recent commission meeting and said he heard it from a reputable source on One America News Network. He claimed the virus cannot live at temperatures higher than 136 degrees, so a blowdryer will effectively rid you of COVID-19.

“I said how would you get the temperature up to 136 degrees? The answer was you use a blow dryer. You hold a blow dryer up to your face, and you inhale through your nose, and it kills all the viruses in your nose,” Bryant said at the meeting.

Other individuals at the meeting seemed surprised at his suggestion, and some even warned him and others about the spread of fake news. Not only do officials say this method will not work, but they also say it can cause skin and nose burns or irritation.

On Monday Culpepper offered an apology on Facebook, saying he wouldn't offer up any more suggestions unless they were "tried and proven."

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

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