Virgina Teens Cough on Produce at Grocery Store for Coronavirus Prank

A Virginia police department was forced to investigate an incident at a grocery store when a video posted to social media showed teenagers coughing on produce.

The Purcellville Police Department says that the store in question immediately removed any items that the teens may have come into contact with.

Officials were able to determine the identities of those involved, notify parents, and question the teenagers. After their investigation, it was "determined that there was no criminal intent," and the teenagers were let off with a warning.

Purcellville Police Department posted the following message to parents on their Facebook page:

"With school closures in effect, this allows for more idle time among children, especially teenagers who are often not supervised as closely. However, we still ask that parents continue to monitor their children’s activities, including social media viewing and posting, and to discourage the promotion of any such fear-inducing behavior."

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

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