Former Cop Denied Entry to Universal for Wearing Retired Police Shirt

A retired Ormond Beach Police officer was denied entry to Universal Studios by a security guard for wearing a shirt that read "retired police officer".

Vincent Champion, who served in law enforcement for over 20 years, was headed to Halloween Horror Nights with his girlfriend when the guard at the security checkpoint stopped him. The back of the shirt pictured an American flag with a blue line, and said "My time in uniform is over, but my watch never ends."

Someone behind him in line offered him a spare shirt, and he attempted to change into it, but security told him he wasn't even allowed to enter the park with the shirt in his possession. They wanted him to go back to his car and leave it there.

Universal Orlando Park officials sent the following statement to FOX 13:

"We have tremendous respect for our law enforcement and first-responder guests, and ultimately, this guest was able to wear his shirt. That said, for safety reasons, we want our guests and team members to be able to easily identify active, working, law enforcement. And so, as is common in our industry, we do not permit guests to wear clothing or items that could cause confusion."

Champion says that when he eventually was able to speak with a supervisor, he was allowed admission to the park in his retired police shirt. He also later received a call from a top park security official, who apologized for the incident and confirmed that the shirt did not violate park policy.

Despite this, Champion says he does not plan on ever returning to the park.

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