Former Foreclosure Attorney Claims the Florida Judicial System is Rigged

A former attorney who handled thousands of foreclosure cases across Florida says the judicial system evolved into a pay for play operation stacked against homeowners. His mission is to pull back the curtain on what he claims actually took place beginning in 2010.

Mark Stopa says the backlog of foreclosures across the state following the Great Recession brought court systems to a grinding halt. The solution many sought was the appointment of more judges to deal with these cases.

However, Stopa claims that led to lawmakers creating a judicial mill to grind out as many cases as possible no matter what the cost, even tying judge's salaries to how fast they could clear their caseloads. To accomplish this, judges began ruling in favor of the banks, changing legal standards to the disadvantage of his clients, the homeowners.

Stopa joined PM Tampa Bay to discuss what he uncovered about the system, all documented in his book 'People V. Money Big Business, Judicial Corruption and You.' He also addressed accusations leveled against him that ultimately led to his permanent disbarment.

Listen to the full interview via the podcast below.

PM Tampa Bay with Ryan Gorman


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