Plant High Football Coach Suspended & Fined for Helping Player Find Housing

A Plant High School football coach was suspended for six weeks and has been fined $5,000 for helping a student-athlete find housing accommodations after learning the student was in an "untenable living situation."

Coach Robert Weiner said he learned of the situation last month and proceeded to ask a colleague in the football department to try to find him temporary housing. They were able to place the student with a school employee.

The Florida High School Athletic Association says that these actions violate their recruiting/impermissible benefits bylaw, which led to the suspension and fine.

The student involved was initially named ineligible but has since been cleared to play because the staff member he is staying with is now his legal guardian.

Weiner appealed his suspension in Gainesville and the FHSAA reduced his suspension to three weeks, but the coach is still responsible for the $5,000 fine. Speaking to Bay News 9 about the ordeal, Weiner said, “If we had to do it again, would I do it a different way? No doubt. But if I ever have to choose between the well-being of a young person and a rule, I would choose the well-being of a young person every time.”

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