Wimauma Woman Accused of Making Pipe Bombs Has History of Mental Illness

A judge ruled the Wimauma woman arrested last week for making two dozen pipe bombs will be held on no bond pending trial. The State of Florida made the case that Michelle Louise Kolts was a danger to the community and shouldn't be released.

Kolts had pre-made pipe bombs, powder, BB-style guns, knives, nunchucks, and dozens of books on bomb-making inside her bedroom. Her parents found the materials while cleaning her room and called 911.

Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister said with that arsenal of weapons, Kolts could have killed hundreds or possibly thousands of people.

Kolts, however, says that she did not intend to use any of it. She told police, "I made a stupid decision. I got angry. I wasn't going to hurt anybody." She told authorities two men named "Samuel and Daniel" helped her build the bombs and determine possible targets, but investigators determined the men do not exist. She also says she needed protection from someone named "L.T.," who investigators have also not been able to verify as being real.

The Tampa Bay Times reported Kolts has a long history of mental illness and is on medication for schizophrenia.

Kolts' manager at work spoke out, describing her as quick-tempered, and unable to get along with her co-workers. He also said her behavior changed within the last few months and had become more erratic.

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