Shelter Animal Could Become the Official State Pet of Florida

The "State Pet" of Florida could soon become a shelter animal. Democratic state Sen. Kevin Rader is pushing for a new bill that would designate adopted and adoptable animals as the official state pet.

This is part of a nationwide push to "adopt don't shop" and highlight the many positives to bringing a shelter pet into your family. 

There is currently no state pet for Florida, though we already have a state animal (Florida Panther), a state bird (Mockingbird) and even a state butterfly (Zebra Longwing).

There is also a push to designate an official "State Candy." State Sen. Lauren Book is looking to make Coconut Patties the official candy of Florida. 

There are currently over 20 state symbols for Florida, everything from State Song (Old Folks at Home), to State Freshwater Fish (Largemouth Bass). Check out the full list right here.

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