Sarasota Students Will Participate in 10 Active Shooter Drills This Year

Florida law now requires schools to conduct the same number of active shooter drills as fire drills. That means Sarasota schools will run ten active shooter drills this school year. Some think the amount is excessive and could do more harm than good.

A report from WFLA Channel 8 details what the new drills will entail. Teachers will cover classroom windows with a reflective film while students are instructed to hide in designated safe corners. Teachers will guide any students outside of a classroom to run and hide in a designated safe area within the school.

In addition to the increased number of active shooter drills, Sarasota County schools will have a designated threat assessment team. This team is made up of school resource officers, assistant principals, counselors, and staff.

The primary purpose of this team is to monitor the mental health of students school-wide and to be on the lookout for students exhibiting unusual or dangerous behaviors.

School officials say the increased drills will help ingrain safety procedures into the minds of students for a worst-case scenario. Some parents think the amount of drills is excessive and may be psychologically damaging to their students.

According to Washington Post findings from last year, the odds of a public school student getting shot and killed since 1999 are about 1 in 614,000,000. So while school shootings have been a serious issue over the past two decades, they're also rare. Do you think ten active shooter drills throughout the year is too much?

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