Could the State Capital Move From Tallahassee to Central Florida?

Senator Kevin Rader wants to pursue a move for the Florida State Capital. Instead of Tallahassee, he wants to see it closer to the central Florida area so that it's more accessible for the entire state.

His bill tasks the Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability by studying the costs and effects of moving the capital. It is filed for the 2020 Legislative Session.

The group will look at the ease and cost of travel for legislators and residents, any costs associated with a move, and any adverse effect it may have on the Tallahassee area. The organization will report its findings by December 15, 2021.

Rader also attempted to discuss a move last Session, but efforts didn’t go far because of cost. Attempts to relocate the capital go back as far as 1853.

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Below you'll find the podcast of a discussion about this issue on PM Tampa Bay. Ryan picks Lakeland as the ideal new location for the capital, while callers offer up their take too.

PM Tampa Bay with Ryan Gorman


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