Tampa Bay Area Panhandler Declines Work Offer, Gets Trolled at Intersection

You would think a panhandler would be thrilled with an offer to get off of the streets and work a $15 an hour job, right? Well, a notorious Manatee County panhandler was actually offended and now the man who offered him work is looking to rid him from the corner with a sign of his own.

According to a story published by Fox 13, Ryan Bray of Bray Remodeling saw the same panhandlers frequently on his commute. He thought he would do one better than just giving them a hand out, so he offered one of them a job paying $15 an hour to do some yard work. Instead of happily accepting, the panhandler actually became irate, cursing and kicking Bray's Jeep.

In response, Ryan Bray returned to the spot he found the panhandler at with a sign of his own. It read, "I offered him $15 an hour to do yard work for me and he refused. If we as a community stop paying them, they will leave our neighborhood."

The panhandler says he wasn't doing anything wrong by asking drivers for money, and was displeased with Bray's new sign.

Bray says he hopes people looking for spare change will be more willing to take a hand up instead of just a hand out. The Bradenton City Council is set to discuss the issue of panhandling at an upcoming meeting this month.

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