Insurance Claim Denied for Clearwater Woman with Viral Kitchen Gator

Remember the gator that broke into a Clearwater woman's home through a kitchen window recently? That woman may now be on her own to pay for the damages after her insurance company rejected her claim.

In late May, Mary Wischhusen came out into her kitchen in the middle of the night to find an 11-foot gator staring back at her. Not only did the gator terrify her, it also caused a lot of damage to her home. It smashed its way through a low kitchen window to enter the home, and once inside smashed wine bottles, glass, and smashed holes into her walls.

The photos went viral, and her and the gator became overnight celebrities. But now, News Channel 8's Victoria Price reports that the woman may be on her own in paying for the damage. Click here for her original story.

The woman has insurance through Florida Peninsula, who says her policy explicitly states that damages from rodents, reptiles, and other animals are not covered.

Wischhusen currently has the broken window boarded up, and has been unable to pay for anything to be fixed as she says the damage was quoted at thousands of dollars.

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