Katy Perry Becomes Latest Public Figure To Deal With A Blackface Issue

Katy Perry, along with fashion companies Gucci and Prada, are in hot water after scandals involving “blackface” merchandise.

The Prada controversy started when shoppers noticed products and store decorations that showed a monkey-like figure with large red lips. Many compared the character to caricatures from the Jim Crow era.


Similarly, Gucci sparked outrage after posting a sweater to their site that many claim portrays blackface. The sweater (which costs $890) has black wool that pulls up over the chin and neck, up to underneath the nose. There is a cut out for the mouth that is outlined in red.


Now, Katy Perry joins the designers after fans are outraged over her recently released shoes. The shoes come in high-heeled sandals, as well as mules, and show a face printed onto the black fabric. The shoes feature eyes, a nose and large red lips.


What do you think? Is it blackface, or are people being too sensitive? Let us know!

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