The Green New Deal: An Unrealistic Progressive Wish List

The Green New Deal is the progressive version of a child's Christmas list for Santa. It has just about every liberal fantasy packed into one sweeping proposal. From initiatives to combat climate change to health care to education to housing, the GND covers nearly every aspect of American life that the Left feels could be improved by massive government intervention. While there are many aspects of the plan that one could take issue with, it's the unrealistic nature of many of the goals that really stands out. We can have a debate about the best ways to address some of the problems this country is facing, but it's difficult to have that debate when the solutions one side is proposing are laughably unfeasible. Ambition is one thing, absurdity is another.

Rather than writing a long column detailing my concerns with the Green New Deal, I've compiled links to some great pieces already published on the subject. Each one brings up different points that offer valuable insight into the issues with this proposal and why it's difficult to take the deal too seriously. Also, many of these writers lean left, so these aren't just criticisms from conservatives.

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