Pasco Man Among Those Making Headlines for Being CRAZY in Love

An Arizona woman is accused of sending over 159,000 text messages to a man over the course of 10 months. The two had been on just one date. 

Jacqueline Ades met the man on a dating site for millionaires called Luxy. He expressed his disinterest shortly after their only date, but that didn't stop Ades. Originally, it was reported that she sent him over 65,000 text messages, now authorities report that the number is closer to 159,000. 

Aside from the sheer quantity of texts, the man became fearful due to their aggressive nature. One text read, "I’d make sushi outta ur kidneys and chopsticks outta ur hand bones".

In April 2018, the man called police when home surveillance footage showed her bathing in his bath tub. Police arrested Ades, and later found a large butcher knife in her car. 

Ades is being held at Maricopa County jail with no bond, and her trial is scheduled for some time next month. She has pleaded not guilty to charges of stalking and criminal trespassing. 

"I have some questions- First of all, how on earth did this woman get a date with a millionaire?! Besides her obvious insanity, she doesn't exactly look like the type to be seen on an extremely rich man's arm...if you know what I mean. My second question is why didn't he just block her? I'm sure that wouldn't have solved the problem completely (since she did show up at his house) but it certainly would have made the situation less of an annoyance. I've had to block many ex's. For all I know they could have sent me 159,000 texts too... I just never received them! Lastly, where are all the photos of this millionaire?! I know I'm not the only one dying to see who this guy is, and it seems pretty newsworthy given the nature of the story! - Morgan Lash, PM Tampa Bay Producer"

Check out this video of Ades answering questions about the scenario after her 2018 arrest:


Another woman, this time a Montana resident, is also in hot water after sending a few too many text messages. 

Kristin Vinecke, reportedly sent her ex more than 1,000 texts starting in September. When he blocked her current cell phone number, she simply began contacting him from a different cell. 

Vinecke was issued a restraining order in November after a court appearance, but apparently she just couldn't stay away- she is now in jail for sending more messages and breaking the no-contact provision in the restraining order. 

A Pasco man is also making headlines for harassment of an ex (because this post wouldn't be complete without a FL resident getting involved, right??) 

Jorge Lago was arrested after he threatened to post nude photo's of his ex-girlfriend to her employer's website. He had already posted the photos to various other sites.

On Saturday, the Lago sent his ex a text demanding that she pay him $20 or he was going to post the photos on her work website. She told him to meet her at a Burger King, where officers were waiting to arrest him and haul him off to Land O' Lakes jail. 

Although he admitted to sending the text, he claims extortion was “not what he meant". 

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