Hear Queen's New NASA Anthem at Tampa Concert...If You Can Afford a Ticket!

Get ready for a blast from the past- Legendary classic rock band Queen is making waves again, after lead-guitarist Brian May comes out with the theme song for a NASA mission. 

Outside of his rock persona, he's also an astrophysicist who has been assisting NASA's New Horizons team as it sends a probe deep into our solar system. 

Not only did May create an out-of-this-world space anthem for the mission, he also came out with a pretty cool music video. 


Queen is also making headlines here in Tampa, where they will be bringing their tour in August 2019. Tickets prices have already skyrocketed, with the worst seats starting around $160, and some seats in the 100s reaching over $800. 

These are steep prices when you take into account the fact that all of the original members aren't in attendance (for pretty obvious reasons). The band will be led by Rocker Adam Lambert, who is a pretty good stand-in for Freddie Mercury.


A great back up for Adam would also be Marc Martel, a YouTube sensation who has gone viral for his uncanny similarity to Freddie Mercury. Regardless of who is standing in as the lead singer, we probably won't make it to this show if ticket prices don't go down!

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