Mastering Disaster.... Recovery From Dorian Could Take Years

TAMPA -- The process of recovering from a hurricane such as Dorian can take years.

Dr. Chris Reynolds has more than 35 years' experience in emergency management, both in the Air Force and the civilian sector. Reynolds is on the faculty at American Military University, He says a major hurricane not only wipes out buildings... it can destroy an economy, including small businesses.

"The disaster... not only destroys the infrastructure... but (a community) also relies heavily on state and federal assistance to come in and help them," Reynolds said.

Reynolds says responding agencies are preparing for events like these year-round.

"The groundwork and layout is already in place, so that when the disaster happens, the resources are ready, and the communication and coordination processes have already been vetted and tested and (are) ready to go ahead and implement, " Reynolds said.

Reynolds was on the ground in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and recalls that some recovery work was still going on a decade later.

Hear an interview with Dr. Chris Reynolds here:



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