What Pet Owners Can Do Now To Be Prepared For A Storm All Season

Dog generic pets

Dog generic pets

Hurricane Season is underway and while you're putting together your emergency kits, don't forget your pets.

That word from Rich Anderson, Executive Director and CEO of Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League in West Palm Beach.

"Identification...whether it's a tag or updating their microchip or getting a microchip for their pet. Sometimes those things are overlooked when people start preparing."

He suggests taking care of that now, while there is no storm and you're not rushed to get ready.

Also, be sure your phone number is on that tag.

Anderson also recommends having your pets up to date on vaccinations, and knowing where those records are in case you find yourself at a pet friendly shelter.

"Unless you have that paperwork showing that your animals are vaccinated, shelters aren't going to take your word for it. Those are life and death decisions."

Here are some other tips from Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League:

Owners should have photos taken of themselves with their pets and keep them in a safe, readily available place, like a wallet or purse, for identification purposes.

Create a pet emergency kit with supplies that are restocked every few months.

Never leave your pet home alone or outside. The safest place for your pet is with you! Left alone, your pet may be subject to injuries from structural damage, flooding and excessive heat after a storm.

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