Pinellas residents asked to limit water usage as power outage continues

Pinellas County residents are being asked to limit their water usage while Duke Energy crews work to restore power to sewer pump stations after hurricane Irma knocked out power to 416,514 homes and businesses in Pinellas County on Sunday and Monday 

Many sewer pump stations also lost power. Pinellas County said that it is working with Duke Energy to restore power to the pump stations on a priority basis. 

Residents are asked to limit water usages during this time and remember the following:

  • Do not pour water down the drain.
  • Avoid doing loads of laundry or running the dishwasher
  • Limit flushing toilets when possible

The Pinellas County Utilities potable water system is safe and there is no need to boil water.

(see the current number of outages here). 


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