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The Good Feet Store

The Good Feet Store has been in business over 20 years and is an international retailer of custom-fitted arch supports. Its broad line of models, styles and sizes of arch supports (also referred to as “orthotics") are designed to be personally fit to suit the needs of each individual. By taking customers through a personal biomechanical balancing and measurement process, arch supports and cushions are custom fitted to ensure ultimate comfort and enhanced alignment. Good Feet products are made in the USA.


City: Tampa, Fl

Website URL:

Street Address(s): 11425 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33618

Hours of operation: To schedule a virtual fitting and to take advantage of the special offers, please call 1-800-NEW-FEET.

Being physically active is important for your mental and physical health. This is especially important in these uncertain times.

The Good Feet Store is dedicated to creating a positive impact and providing client satisfaction that exceeds expectations. Because the importance of health and well-being is in the forefront right now, The Good Feet Store continues to serve the public by offering virtual appointments as an alternative to a store visit. This makes it possible for those who are staying at home to receive the personalized attention and quality support that The Good Feet Store is known for providing.

Good Feet certified fitters are trained to personally fit arch supports that are designed to guide the foot into its natural ‘ideal’ position and encourage even-weight distribution and proper alignment. They can be very useful for anyone who wants to perform better, prevent injury, recover from activity, or even reduce pain.

Because the Good Feet team is committed to doing everything possible to provide superior services and products that meet real needs and provide lasting value, The Good Feet Store is providing special offers, including discounts for those in the medical field and first responders, as well as enhanced financing options -- making it a great time to learn more about how Good Feet can make a difference in your life

Community Support Needed for Masks!

During the COVID-19 pandemic we are all faced with different challenges. Whether you are a local business struggling to stay afloat, a heath care worker risking your life to keep us safe, working at a local grocery story trying to keep the shelves stocked, driving a truck, etc... Maybe have time on your hands to lend support to the many wonderful charitable organizations in your area. Check out this one below to get you started!

Team Janine Mask-Makers

K103’s Janine Wolf has put her sewing skills to good use, sewing masks for healthcare workers and others in need. Check out her blog page for sewing instructions, photos and all the info about who can help get these distributed. CLICK HERE for more details

We truly are all in this together and we will get through it! Thank you!

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