GOD IS USING KANYE WEST: Jesus is King album, Sunday Services show THIRD...

< br />Glenn has listened to Kanye's latest album, 'Jesus Is King,' and here's his review: Surprise, surprise, Glenn still doesn't like rap. BUT culturally, the music "is like a sledgehammer." Glenn says the third great awakening is here, and Kanye's music is one of the best representations of its arrival. In his music, the husband of Kim Kardashian is begging Jesus to help us, to save us, to heal us…During his recent Sunday Service in Baton Rouge, over one-thousand people dedicated their lives to Jesus. Glenn says it's just the beginning, and he's seeing signs of this cultural awakening everywhere. The Lord uses everything, good and bad. But with Kanye, he went from being a broken man to walking away from his past and starting new. He's even said he won't perform any of his old music, and he's doing so much good.

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