Florida Deals Deck of Cards to Solve Cold Cases

Cold Case Solved, File Closed

Photo: Olivier Le Moal / iStock / Getty Images

Florida law enforcement is using a deck of cards to solve cold cases.

Each card features a missing person or unsolved homicide case. Information on how to report tips anonymously is also on cards.

The cards are being distributed to jails and correctional facilities in Florida and inmates encouraged to come forward with any information and Attorney General Moody emphasizes seriousness of initiative.

The cards span six decades of cold cases and feature the faces and names of 45 homicide victims.

A previous deck led to a quick resolution of two cold cases in 2007.

The decks are also online and available at the state’s probation offices, which are visited by 1.2 million offenders each year.

“If you know something that can bring one of these perpetrators to justice, please speak up,” Moody said.

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