Human Remains May In A Car Pulled From West Palm Beach Lake

Car Pulled From Lake In West Palm Beach

Photo: CBS 12

West Palm Beach police are investigating the discovery of a car that was submerged in a lake near I-95.

Volunteers with two groups were at the lake along 45th Street, not far from where a Cracker Barrell now sits, searching for a missing person from the 1970s but the vehicle they found was not the one that man drove when he disappeared.

Instead, a late 1980s Honda was pulled from the water on Saturday.

“The car has been embedded in this lake in about 12 and a half feet of water for likely decades. So there's a lot of silt, a lot of debris, a lot of corrosion that we're dealing with. Much of the car is disintegrated."

Police spokesman Mike Jachles says divers found what appear to be bones in the vehicle.

An anthropologist will look into the small pieces further to confirm whether they are human remains.

Meanwhile, one of the divers shared details of the experience with CBS 12 News.

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