Hillsborough Sheriff Describes Human Trafficking Rescues

TAMPA -- Hillsborough deputies say they've arrested two men on human trafficking charges and rescued two women they're accused of abusing.

Sheriff Chad Chronister says Roannil Fentress, 31, met a 20-year-old woman on a dating app, lured her from Jacksonville to Tampa, and coerced her into the sex industry. Chronister says Fentriss would batter his victim if she didn't make $1000 per day. He says Fentriss and the woman responded to an escort ad, and detectives freed her while taking Fentress into custody.

Chronister says the other case involves a woman who was exploited by her trafficker for 15 years. The sheriff says Vanzini Hansel, 42, beat her when she told him she was pregnant. She was discovered when she went to Tampa General Hospital for help. Investigators think Hansel may have more victims. He has a criminal record that includes ten felony convictions. Chronister says he hopes both men spend the rest of their lives behind bars and "never (get) the opportunity to terrorize another human being."

An official with the group Selah Freedom says the survivors will get emotional support and job training to turn the page on this chapter of their lives.

Photo: Canva

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