Blue Lexus Leads Authorities on a Wild High-Speed Chase

Collier County, FL - A high-speed chase ensued in Collier County when a blue Lexus with an inoperable headlight evaded authorities leading to a pursuit reaching speeds of up to 130 mph.

Deputies in Collier County were on high alert for more than 20 minutes when a blue Lexus with a broken headlight was observed in the eastern part of the county.

The Lexus accelerated and drove away from the deputy as he attempted to conduct a traffic stop, dodging all law enforcement.

At the intersection of Golden Gate Boulevard and DeSoto Boulevard, the deputy and his colleague parked their car and extinguished their headlights.

They turned on their lights, continued the pursuit, and accelerated to speeds of up to 100 mph as the suspect approached the crossroads.

Other vehicles entered the route as the chase headed into Everglades Boulevard, slowing it considerably.

Although the Lexus vanished from view, the CCSO Air Unit was able to locate the vehicle, and the pursuit resumed.

The chase picked back again when the car was found. The Lexus performed a U-turn before being ultimately brought to a stop when a stop stick was used and a front tire burst.

The Lexus continued driving despite the flat tire at a speed of about 130 mph until coming to a stop next to Golden Gate Boulevard.

The driver, Nathan Selvia, escaped the scene but was subsequently captured by K-9 teams.

Police towed the Lexus.

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