DeSantis Denounces Direct TV Newsmax Ban

BRADENTON -- Florida Governor Ron DeSantis speaks out against Direct TV's decision to remove Newsmax from its system.

Speaking at State College of Florida in Bradenton, the governor says it appears Newsmax and other networks are being singled out for conservative programming.

"The reality is, they have so much other content that is very lightly viewed, and yet they keep that on... it seems that the One America News and Newsmax... are being targeted, " DeSantis told reporters.

DeSantis says there should be "no ideological litmus test" with "big companies" that operate cable and satellite providers.

The governor says it warrants an investigation, and hopes the U.S. House will look into it and ensure there is not "intellectual discrimination" when it comes to what people are able to view.

Photo: Getty Images

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