Man arrested for trying to rob South Florida grocery store with stapler

Miami-Dade County, FL - A man's been arrested after attempting to rob a South Florida grocery store using a stapler.

Police in Miami-Dade arrested 31-year-old Patrick Abbott on charges of armed robbery after Abbott handed a note to a Publix worker, written on a receipt, demanding money and claiming he had a gun.

Police say the note read, “read carefully. I have a gun with me and put the money in the bag."

The employee read the note and called police for help.

Abbott left the supermarket empty handed and was later arrested by officers on the 100 block of Northeast 50th Street as he was throwing the note away.

The victim identified Abbott and he was taken into custody.

However, police say the "gun" Abbott claimed to have turned out to be a black stapler.

Abbott was out on a felony bond for an incident last month, in which an off-duty officer witnessed him repeatedly dropping a 4-month-old baby in the parking lot of a Miami Walmart.

According to Abbott's arrest report, several customers reported seeing Abbott drop a 4-month-old baby on the floor.

An off-duty officer who was working security at the store approached Abbott and witnessed him dropping the baby again.

Abbott then walked away from the baby, before returning to pick the child up as "bystanders began to scream and run toward the victim."

Abbott was taken into custody and told detectives he had only dropped the baby once.

Abbott's bond for the armed robbery charge has been set at $7,500 dollars.

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