NewsNation: "Intrusions" at Duke Energy Sub-Stations in Florida

There's a report today of at least six "intrusions" at Duke Energy sub-stations in Florida over the last few months, including two in the Tampa Bay area.

NewsNation says it has obtained federal documents detailing incidents in Zephyrhills and Clearwater---both of which led to brief early morning outages.

Security expert Todd Keil says what's really alarming is the fact that whoever's behind this has knowledge of the power grid. "The fact that someone has potentially identified a critical sub-station and then has knowledge of those critical pieces of equipment inside that sub-station leads me to believe that they're dealing with people who have inside knowledge, which is very, very risky."

Duke Energy has issued a statement saying it can't comment on on-going investigations, but is "continuously" assessing and evolving measures to protect its infrastructure.

photo: Getty Images

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