Large wooden object unearthed on Florida beach following Hurricanes

Daytona Beach Shores, FL - Officials are trying to determine what kind of structure was unearthed on a Florida beach after Hurricanes Ian and Nicole impacted the area.

County officials are investigating after a long wooden object was found poking out of the sand during low tide after the storms caused large amounts of erosion to Volusia County beaches in October.

Volusia Beach Safety Deputy Chief Tammy Malphurs tells WKMG "this erosion is unprecedented at this point. We haven’t seen this kind of erosion in a very long time. I’ve been on the beach probably 25 years and that’s the first time I’ve seen it exposed. We’re not sure what it is but it is a large piece of debris, probably about 80 to 100 feet in length."

Malphurs said the structure was found just south of Frank Rendon Park in Daytona Beach Shores.

State Emergency Management teams are working around the structure while trying to build a system to protect the dunes.

A state archaeologist team plans to visit the site to uncover more as they try to determine exactly what the structure it is.

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