Florida's 'Stop WOKE Act' Stopped By Federal Judge

Symbol image "Woke": Wokeness or woke is a term increasingly used since the late 2010s to describe a heightened awareness of racism and social privilege. Activist or militant advocacy for the protection of minorities can go hand in hand with this

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A federal judge has temporarily blocked Florida's "Individual Freedom Act," touted by the governor as the "Stop WOKE Act," from being enforced at public universities in the state.

Judge Mark Walker's ruling came in two lawsuits filed by professors and students from several universities.

The law is aimed at banning the teaching of critical race theory. But the plaintiffs argued the restrictions are an unconstitutional infringement of professors' First Amendment rights.

The judge on Thursday ordered a preliminary injunction, blocking provisions of the law from being enforced on college campuses until otherwise ordered.

Walker has ruled against Governor DeSantis on a number of issues, but his rulings have often been overturned on appeal.

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