Fort Myers Beach allows residents to return following Hurricane Ian

Usa, Florida, Fort Myers Beach.

Photo: Getty Images

Fort Myers Beach, FL - Fort Myers Beach allowed more residents to return to the island on Sunday morning following Hurricane Ian impacting the island on September 28th.

Starting Sunday, residents living between the Big Carlos Pass Bridge and the Beach Theater on the south side of the island, and those living between Times Square and Bowditch Point Park on the north end of the island, were allowed entry back on Fort Myers Beach starting at 7 a.m.

Residents living between the Beach Theater and Publix were allowed entry starting at 8 a.m., while residents who live between Publix and Town Hall were allowed access at 9 a.m.

Residents living from Town Hall to Times Square were allowed re-entry after 10 a.m.

Officials previously only allowed residents who lived north of Times Square to return to the island.

On Saturday, Fort Myers Beach Mayor Ray Murphy announced there is no water or power on the island, and that there'll be no trash pickup.

The fire department also warned residents that no structures are safe to enter at this time.

Residents who returned to the island were expected to vacate Fort Myers Beach by 7 p.m., when an overnight curfew began.

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