Collier County Sheriff makes 31 arrests for looting, breaking curfew

Collier County, FL - Police in Southwest Florida have announced the arrest of 31 individuals in the last four days for looting or suspicious activity after curfew.

The Collier County Sheriff's Office says there's more deputies on the streets patrolling than at any time previously,

Collier County Sheriff Kevin Rambosk tells NBC 2 News "there were so many damaged properties we knew we had to create a new security and safety plan with regard to protecting the entire community and all the damaged properties."

Police are utilizing the Real Time Operations Center’s artificial intelligence to continuously monitor calls and reports of suspicious activity.

Sheriff Rambosk tells NBC 2 News "we know there are people coming into our community. That’s why we have so many deputies out there. We are using technology like the ROC where we are standing today. We have drones out. We have a curfew that has been in place, we are looking to extend that."

Police warn that pilfering through property that has been thrown away and left on the curb is legal.

However, if residents notice someone trying to approach their property or home they're encouraged to contact CCSO.

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