Stolen Yorkie Leads To Arrest For West Palm Beach Woman

Yorkshire Terrier

Photo: Getty Images

A West Palm Beach woman is accused of stealing a high-priced puppy.

Melissa Strong is charged with grand theft for the incident that happened at Star Pups Inc in suburban West Palm Beach.

Cops say the 43-year old asked a store employee to show her a few dogs and then asked if she could take home an 8-week old teacup Yorkshire terrier valued at $4,500 so she could convince her husband to let her keep the puppy. The employee told her that was not possible without paying and then claims the woman ran out of the store with the Yorkie under her arm.

The worker took note of the vehicle she fled in, a Mercedes-Benz with a California tag.

Strong was arrested the next day and released on bond.

The dog is safe at the store, waiting for a paying customer to purchase it.

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