LISTEN: How to Apply for FEMA Aid in Florida

TAMPA -- The Federal Emergency Management Agency is taking applications for disaster assistance in 17 counties affected by Hurricane Ian in Florida.

Those applications may be filed online at or through the FEMA app.

Right now, spokesperson Shirley Tracey the application process may be difficult for people without power or internet service. She suggests using the FEMA app. Calling 1-800-621-FEMA (3362) is also an option, although an application will still have to be filed at some point, either in-person or online.

Tracey says that FEMA will soon have assistance centers in affected areas, where people may apply for help in person. FEMA repreentatives will also go door to door in affected areas.

When you apply, you should be ready with a phone number, a social security number, the property address and the address at which you may be reached, if it's different from your home address.

FEMA can reimburse homeowners for property damage, cleanup and other expenses not covered by insurance. Renters, meantime, can receive reimbursement for personal property (such as clothing or cars) not covered by renter's insurance.

Listen to an interview with Shirley Tracey below:

Photo: Getty Images

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