Florida mail carrier dies after being mauled by 5 dogs on route

Putnam County, FL - A mail carrier has died after five dogs mauled her while her vehicle was disabled on a north Florida road.

According to investigators, the 61-year-old woman was attacked by the dogs after her U.S. Postal Service truck broke down along a road in Putnam County.

A nearby resident told the Putnam County Sheriff's Office they heard the woman screaming for help and saw the five dogs attacking her.

Several neighbors tried to pull the dogs off the woman, with one resident shooting a gun into the air to scare the dogs off.

When they arrived at the scene on Sunday afternoon, deputies found the victim severely bleeding on the ground.

Deputies rendered first aid and applied tourniquets until a rescue unit arrived and took the woman to a hospital.

The woman was flown to a trauma center in Gainesville where she later died from her injuries.

The five dogs were located inside a fence at a nearby home.

The county's animal control unit took custody of the dogs.

An investigation is on-going.

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