South Florida police officer arrested for slapping, biting boyfriend

Miami, FL - A South Florida police officer has been arrested on assault charges after biting and slapping her boyfriend.

El Portal police Col. Emily Garcia was arrested on a charge of simple battery around 4:30 a.m Wednesday morning in Miami.

According to Miami police, Garcia and her significant other, who is also a police officer, were at Flanigan's Seafood Bar and Grill where they had multiple drinks.

After returning home, the two went to sleep.

However, the victim claims he awoke to find Garcia biting his chest and slapping him.

The victim pushed Garcia off, causing a bruise to her lip.

El Portal police Chief Alejandro Mendez says the incident took place off-duty and that Garcia was relieved of duty with pay.

Mendez says "once the proceedings are complete, we will review the facts in this case and proceed accordingly."

During a court appearance Thursday, Garcia's boyfriend told the judge he is not afraid of her and did not wish to have a stay-away order imposed.

A judge implemented a modified stay-away order, allowing Garcia to have contact with the victim, but cannot be physically threatening.

The judge released Garcia on her own recognizance.

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