Florida Non-Profit Helps Those With Unwanted Pregnancies Who Choose Life

Gloria Hope

A bright future: Gloria Hope, one of the first Safe Haven babies, in Florida, began college this year. “If it weren’t for A Safe Haven for Newborns I would not be here today” said Gloria. Photo: Nick Silverio

The overturning of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court has emotions high on both sides of the abortion issue. The Pro-Choice side often talks about the personal choice of a woman to end an unwanted pregnancy. A South Florida-based non-profit has other ideas.

"I would say we'll get you help in every which way."

Nick Silverio is the founder and CEO of "A Safe Haven for Newborns," which aims to save babies from what he calls the "ultimate abuse" of abandonment.

"Mothers with an unexpected pregnancy, no support, no resources are abandoning their newborns, often resulting in death."

But he doesn't feel abortion is the right answer.

"I believe a life does not belong to anybody. It doesn't belong to a woman. (It) doesn't belong to a man. It's a life that's given."

And he wonders how our country got to the state it's currently in.

"We hear the chants 'My body, my choice' (and) it's now turning into violence. And now major U.S. companies are offering to pay for travel expenses for a woman seeking an abortion in another state. Very very disturbing."

Silverio's organization offers counseling and assistance in finding someone to adopt a newborn if that's ultimately what the mother wants.

"We'll get that person some counseling. We'll get that person some medical care. If she's homeless, if there's no facility available, we'll put her up in a motel. We get her food. We'll provide all the resources necessary for her to be able to progress."

He says the other option is Florida's Safe Haven law, which allows a parent to drop off a healthy newborn at a fire station that's manned 24/7 or a hospital within the first seven days of birth and allows them to remain anonymous. That happened 21 times last year and seven so far in 2022.

A Safe Haven for Newborns also operates a 24/7 multilingual referral help line at 877-767-2229.

Silverio founded his non-profit following his wife Gloria's death. The two never had children, suffering two miscarriages and he had read about a growing problem with mothers abandoning their babies.

Click Here for more information on A Safe Haven for Newborns.

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