LINK: Free Student Breakfasts And Lunches During Summer

Even though school is out, dozens of campuses, community centers, parks and libraries are serving as Summer BreakSpot locations where any child can receive a breakfast, lunch or snack for free.

The only qualification is that the student is less than 18-years-old.

Click here to find a Summer BreakSpot location near you.

FLIPANY CEO Lynne Kunins knows this summer will be especially challenging for families and distributors with skyrocketing gas and food prices making even transportation an issue.

She says, "Families are working, and they can't necessarily transport their kids to a location, and the cost of food and distrbution has gone through the roof."

She says inflation has also made it difficult to find Summer BreakSpot sponsors, plus there are no federal government waivers to assist with providing families with food.

But that's not going to stop the meals from going out.

"I know in the South Florida market, there's closer to 300,000 that will be benefiting, and that's a small percentage of the overall need just because it's an underutilized program," says Kunins.

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